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The Internet of Things:

What The IoT Means for the Public Sector


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Some of you may still be asking: What is IoT? Simply put, IoT is a series of devices connected to one another via the Internet — and these devices can communicate with you through the information you enter or sensors you wear and operate. And most of it is automated, meaning these inter actions can happen without your having to do anything. It might sound simple, but it’s a big deal: Internet-connected machines are expected to number 200 billion by 2020, according to research firm IDC Corp.

At that rate, these automated machine-to-machine transactions will outnumber human-to-computer transactions. So what does this mean for the public sector? And what programs are agencies and organizations developing to make use of this new technology?

Our latest GovLoop case studies guide will feature stories of real-world public-sector uses of IoT, with best practices, implementation tips and examples of how you can use this revolutionary technology.