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For state and local governments, the to-do list can seem overwhelming. Digital services, cybersecurity, modernizing legacy IT and workforce improvements are just a few of the priorities topping their agendas. So how can they actually break down and start to find solutions for some of these challenges? And who is innovating in these arenas?

On Wednesday, September 20 from 9:30am-4:30pm ET/6:30am-1:30pm PT, join GovLoop and 2,000+ state and local govies for the Fourth Annual State and Local Government Innovators Virtual Summit to hear from state and local government employees and tech pioneers about what they are doing to combat these challenges.

Why Attend?

4 Things To Do in the Interactive Virtual Environment:

  1. Win free stuff! Everyone likes a little competition, right? The more active you are in the virtual environment, the higher you’ll be on the GovLoop Leaderboard. The Top 20 will get the ultimate GovLoop swag bundle (we promise it’s cool).
  2. Download over 200 resources. We'll have information on nearly every topic related to government to help you do your job better.
  3. Meet your government peers. Hang out in the Networking Lounge (be sure to set up your profile + avatar) and kick it with your fellow govies.
  4. Get Innovative. Check out the videos and take part in the fun surveys in our Innovation Center. The more you browse, the more you learn.

"GovLoop staff did a superb job integrating physical with virtual to make it possible to attend an awesome summit without taking off from work and traveling across the country."
--Past Virtual Summit Attendee